Why are you writing cold emails?

Do your cold emails pique your customers' interest with promising value, or do they resemble an endless proclamation of self-love?

Do your readers suspect that you're actually a marketing robot instead of a human?

No matter what industry you're in, boring cold emails are a turn-off. You won't get many opens or responses from a one-sided monologue. Great cold emails warm up prospects by starting genuine conversations that feel natural, leaving you in the best position to nurture the relationship further.

We can help you write highly personalized & conversational cold email templates to send at scale.

That way you'll get responses like these:

What kind of impression do you want to leave prospects with?

Do you want to engage in intelligent conversations that lay the foundation for building lasting relationships?

Wouldn't it be cool if your prospects were actually excited to talk to you?

Or if your cold email got forwarded 43 times because it was so fantastic and thought provoking?

These things will never happen if you send mass untargeted emails that add ZERO value. You won't win yourself any new business, and you'll probably damage your brand's reputation too. That's why we refuse to contribute to the crummy spam that's inundating everyone's inboxes, and so we only work with companies who are committed to building laser-focused email campaigns to prospects who they can add value to. Our dedication to quality makes our email campaigns get 3x more responses and sales appointments than other industry emails.

If you're not willing to take the time to craft thoughtful and focused email campaigns, please don't waste anyone's time sending cold emails.

So, who is on the Salesfolk team?

Heather R Morgan is the founder and CEO of Salesfolk. A former economist, Heather traded the world of academia and research for tech startups in 2012 after moving back to the Bay Area after completing economic development projects in Egypt.

Heather has been obsessed with writing since childhood, and wrote her first "cold email" in the form of a letter to her favorite author, Robert Quackenbush, at age 4. Robert responded to her with a hand-written letter and autographed books, sparking her fascination with direct mail, which later became an obsession with cold emails. For the last 10 years, Heather has written at least 1 cold email a day.

Our team of copywriters and researchers are a bunch of neurotic nerds who can't sleep at night until we get our message 100% perfect. We're hustlers who get our thrills from writing cold emails and helping companies triple their revenue with our prospecting emails. Our hobbies are collecting propaganda, reading great books and articles, while building up libraries of "swipefiles" so we can craft the perfect headlines.

What's with all the orange goats?

  1. Goats are relentlessly resourceful. They can find the last shrub to eat in the desert in order to survive, and we'll search until we have enough insights to get inside your customers' minds to craft powerful cold emails.
  2. Unlike sheep, we're committed to independent thinking and skepticism. We dig deep until we unearth your core benefits.
  3. We just really like goats...who doesn't love goat cheese, goat ice cream and goat milk?

What ways can Salesfolk help my business?

  • Increase your qualified leads with interesting and persuasive cold emails
  • Create captivating sales & marketing copy
  • Give your drab and confusing web copy a makeover and a laser focused message.
  • Improve conversion rates in your funnel

We turn cold leads into warm conversations for

Aaron Ross, Bestselling Author of Predictable Revenue

“Heather has invaluable insights for B2B sales content, and was very easy to work with. She put in extra effort to ensure a quality job.”

Mike Hoffman, Head of Inside Sales @15Five

“Heather built our outbound sales process from scratch. Her cold emails are great, and she is very knowledgable about outbound sales. Her advice is always actionable and she is lightning fast.”

Gabe Marcus, Sales @ Kahuna

"Salesfolk was instrumental in helping me land a SDR position with Kahuna. During the application process, they gave me a "prospecting exercise." Part of the exercise included writing some cold-email drafts. The Fool-Proof-Guide to Cold Email was a godsend."

Learn the secret to writing magnetic emails that start genuine conversations.

Be a goat, not a sheep!

We always strive to create captivating copy that is unique, actionable and adds value to prospects’ lives.

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