“My sales emails aren't getting enough responses. What am I doing wrong?"
Does this sound like you? Sales is a numbers game, but you might be playing the game wrong. Get the same blueprints that made SalesFolk's clients over $134 million.
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Meet Chris

“I felt like I was doing an okay job with my sales emails, since I was getting some responses, but I wanted to increase my deal flow, and I knew I couldn’t do that with my current approach. Then one of my friends told me how they were using SalesFolk’s email strategy to set hundreds of appointments with targeted email templates, and I thought I had to give this a try for myself.”
Chris Dyer, Account Executive at an Enterprise SaaS company

Chris knew his current sales emails weren’t getting the job done.
Not wanting to waste any more time, he enrolled in...

SalesFolk's Cold Email Mastery Course.

...And as Chris dove into the course material, he learned:

  • How to write subject lines that skyrocketed his open rates
  • Why the first sentence of his emails had been backfiring on him
  • When he should use nontraditional CTAs to boost prospects’ replies
  • How to leverage existing customers to convince prospects to trust him
  • The embarrassing follow-up mistake that had been making him look obnoxious
  • Why most of his emails were going to spam -- and what he could do to fix it

The Result?

"In less than 2 months after starting SalesFolk’s Cold Email Mastery Course, I more than doubled the amount of qualified meetings I was booking, and my calendar has been stacked at least 2 weeks out since. I love how clear and actionable every lesson is. Even now, I still revisit old lessons to sharpen my skills and get new ideas for improving my email templates.”

--Chris Dyer | Account Executive

Because SalesFolk is 100% Data Driven:
Here are some statistics from our customers and SalesFolk Labs
B2B companies use SalesFolk email templates
Our clients' average POSITIVE response rates
Email split tests performed
Students enrolled in course

And Chris Isn't The Only One Seeing Results Like These:

“Our response rates have shot up from around 4% to around 30% to 40% in the past few months. I highly recommend Heather, the SalesFolk team and the Email Mastery Course for everyone who needs to up their cold email strategy.”

--Abhilash Anandan | Business Development Lead, Neoito

“I use SalesFolk’s program and tips to teach my own BDR team. We have a 70-80% open rate and a 40% reply rate.”

--London Nagai | Director of Sales, Squarefoot

“SalesFolk's course is the best thing you're going to find regarding cold email. The ROI is insane. After taking only the first few lessons, I was able to source deals that eventually led me to a $50k day in closes. Do your quota a favor and join this course.”

--Eric Taylor | Account Executive, HackerRank

"SalesFolk writes the best subject lines I have ever seen, and their content has been a huge asset to me for improving my cold emails and coaching my sales team. As a marketer, it has really helped me understand how we can better align our efforts to make our sales team more successful."

--Rachel Sadacca | Marketing Specialist, Mogo Interactive

Get Lesson 1 for free today:

See the exact email blueprints that built a million dollar business from nothing, along with the same strategy that made our clients over $134 million.

What Other Industry Experts Say About The Course:

“The 'SalesFolks' are email alchemists; turning simple words into pure gold. They've done it to drive revenue for the biggest companies, to harvest Unicorn feed for hyper-growth startups. Heather Morgan is absolutely the "Queen of Cold Email," and has also repeatedly used her cold email superpowers for herself (dinners with dignitaries and celebrities in addition to growing SalesFolk) and wait...what? She's sharing her email sorcery secrets with everyone. OMG this is so awesome!”

--Lincoln Murphy | Growth Expert & Founder, Sixteen Ventures

"Don't kid yourself, email is an art form and creating art is never easy. Give your salespeople the art lessons they need and sign them up for Heather's course. You won't regret it."

--Trish Bertuzzi | Founder & CEO, The Bridge Group Inc


What's the Secret to Such Drastic Results? Watch To Find Out

Your Premium Email Mastery Course Membership Includes:

  1. 24+ bite-sized lessons, empowering you to implement what you learn at your own pace (and counting; we’re still adding some new content to the course)
  2. Dozens of hours of HD video, featuring the exact emails SalesFolk has wrote to help their clients make millions of dollars
  3. The strategy and logic behind SalesFolk’s methods, so you can apply their best practices to your own industry and audience
  4. Private webinars with industry experts, where you’ll learn the outreach tactics they’re not sharing anywhere else
  5. Hundreds of real cold emails that do -- and don’t -- work, so you can see exactly why your own emails are falling flat
  6. An actionable checklist for creating accurate, jargon-free buyer personas -- and our guide to building highly-targeted lists around them
  7. The 5 major mail-merge mistakes most people don’t know they’re making
  8. SalesFolk’s step by step process for creating a scalable, 8-touch email campaign -- the same process SalesFolk uses for every client
  9. A shortlist of 10 things not to do in your cold emails, so you can quick-check every email for slip-ups before hitting “send”
  10. And so, so much more

Proven Strategies To Help You Improve Results As You Scale

SalesFolk is the first company to specialize in cold email strategy, and has written cold email campaigns for over 560 B2B companies.

The Cold Email Mastery Course isn't a static series of generic templates. These are the exact lessons SalesFolk’s clients pay tens of thousands of dollars to learn, which regularly help them 3x their revenue.

"Heather has helped me build entire outbound sales process from scratch more than once. She always has actionable advice and provides unique perspectives that help me see the big picture."

-- Michael Hoffman | Senior Manager, CB Insights

Get Lesson 1 for free today:

See the exact email blueprints that built a million dollar business from nothing, along with the same strategy that made our clients over $134 million.