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In our Cold Email Mastery Course, you'll learn:

How to get anyone to read your email, from top executives to political leaders

Cold email is still the most effective channel for starting conversations and closing new business, and can still get 6x more results than social media channels alone. But you need to learn how to stand out in a competitive market where everyone is getting inundated with content from social, and inboxes are full of junk, or no one will respond to your emails.

Irresistible subject lines that get 96% response rates

We believe in teaching people how to fish, so you'll learn for yourself how to create original and unforgettable subject lines that no one can ignore. You'll also get a few of our favorite tactics to fall back on in case you're stuck, which get 61-82% open rates on average.

Hypnotic calls to action that grab your target's attention and don't let go

The subject line is only the beginning. Once you've got them to open, you have only a few seconds to gain trust, evoke powerful human emotions, and begin to build a rapport. We'll show you how to warm up to even the most cynical and hardened targets, like CISOs in the cybersecurity industry.

What's included in the Cold Email Mastery Course:

This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to become an expert in cold email. You won't just learn how to copy a few templates and reuse them over and over--you'll learn a deep understanding of the psychology and strategies behind cold email so that you can "catch fish for yourself," no matter who your audience is.

We regularly add new lessons and worksheets to the course library so that you can keep learning something new. Our course library already contains hours of HD video along with actionable PDFs that you can use to learn on your own. We also have a private webinar for our premium members once a month, where you can ask questions about real problems and seek actionable advice from industry experts.

Full access to our library of HD video lessons and actionable PDF templates

New data-driven tips and ideas for creating the most successful emails

Private webinars with inside sales experts every month

What people are saying about the course

Lincoln Murphy, Customer Success Evangelist @Gainsight & Founder/CEO @ Sixteen Ventures

"Heather Morgan is an email alchemist; turning simple words into pure gold. She's done it to drive revenue for the biggest companies, to harvest Unicorn feed for hyper-growth startups, and she's done it for herself (dinners with dignitaries and celebrities in addition to growing Salesfolk) and wait...what? She's sharing her email sorcery secrets with everyone. OMG this is so awesome!"

Trish Bertuzzi, Founder & CEO @The Bridge Group Inc

"Don't kid yourself, email is an art form and creating art is never easy. Give your salespeople the art lessons they need and sign them up for Heather's course. You won't regret it."

Rachel Sadacca, Marketing Specialist @Mogo Interactive

"Heather writes the best subject lines I have ever seen. Salesfolk's content has been a huge asset to me for improving my cold emails and coaching my sales team. As a marketer, it has really helped me understand how we can better align our efforts to make our sales team more successful."

Mike Hoffman, Sales Manager @Percolate

"Heather has helped me build entire outbound sales process from scratch more than once. Her cold emails are great, and she is very knowledgeable about sales in general. She always has actionable advice and provides unique perspectives that help me see the big picture."

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