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Because Roya had such a tight deadline she didn’t have time for courses that would take weeks to complete. She decided to enroll in the SalesFolk Cold Email Crash Course and gain access to SalesFolk’s internal knowledge base that has never before been shared with the public.

We distilled what we’ve learned over 6 years of training hundreds of elite copywriters and editors into just 10 lessons, so you and Roya could learn...

  • How to write subject lines that entice leads and boost open rates
  • Why understanding buyer personas is key for crafting effective emails
  • Approaches for designing email campaigns that improve overall positive response rates and avoid wasting time on unqualified leads
  • Why using generic benefits doesn’t work, and what to do instead
  • How to tap into prospect’s pain points to increase the urgency of any message
  • And more!

A message to students from SalesFolk Editorial Director, Kathie Jurek, who built the Crash Course:

And Roya isn’t the only one seeing results like these:

“Our response rates have shot up from around 4% to around 30% to 40% in the past few months. I highly recommend the SalesFolk team and their email course for everyone who needs to up their cold email strategy.”

— Abhilash Anandan | Chief Business Officer, Neoito

“The SalesFolk Crash Course is not only relevant, but accessible to small businesses that need it most. Kathie is more than just a great copywriter, she's the professional sales copywriters that big businesses hire.”

— Sara Kappler | CEO, Sara Kappler Consulting

“Copywriting is one of the most vital skills any business professional or entrepreneur can acquire. Editing, proofreading, and truly copywriting someone else's copy, that's another level entirely. Kathie is copywriter’s copywriter, and my email campaigns wouldn't have performed nearly as well without her edits and guidance. She's simply the best at what she does. With the SalesFolk Crash Course and Kathie’s help, I was able to source deals that quickly turned into $50k days in closes. Do your quota a favor and join this course; the ROI is crazy.”

— Eric Taylor | Commercial Account Executive, CircleCI

"I'm a sales team manager who primarily uses email to start conversations, and SalesFolk’s advice has been a big part of my development. I have not only been able to close more deals after taking the course, but I also used what I learned to elevate my entire team’s skills."

— Evan Johnson | Head of International Sales, Admitad

"SalesFolk has been influencing my emails ever since I got my first BDR job - now that I am running a team, I use her program and tips to teach my own team. The SalesFolk team would hate me if I didn't include numbers in this. We have a 70-80% open rate and a 40% reply rate. SalesFolk helps us make simple and effective emails - and thats what works best."

— London Nagai | Co-Founder, Venture Commercial NYC

"I started working with Kathie at the beginning of my copywriting career. With her guidance, I learned persuasive writing strategies and formulas I’ve used to target any company (or any person) to start business conversations."

— Mimi Zheng | Sales Engineer & Account Partner, Toptal

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