How many sales copywriters are also economists or have PhDs in biomedical engineering?

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Our Story

Former economist and writer, Heather R Morgan, started SalesFolk after managing business development for a small tech startup in Silicon Valley. After her boss asked her to reach out to C-level executives in an industry that she had no prior experience or connections, Heather began researching her audience and writing some email templates she could use for mail merges.

In less than a month after launching her email campaigns, she had gotten more than a 67% response rate, landing meetings with people like the founder of Guitar Hero. Word of her results traveled fast through the Silicon Valley startup scene, and Heather soon had a dozen different job offers. Instead of just taking one of these job offers, Heather decided to start her own business and turn them into her first clients, and thus Salesfolk was born.

Prior to working in tech and startups, Heather worked in emerging markets as a developmental economist with organizations including the World Bank and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). Her economics background has influenced the data and results-driven attitude that is central to all of SalesFolk’s processes and company culture.

What We Do

We write cold emails that help B2B sales and marketing organizations start conversations with their future customers. While copywriting is a core part of what we do, all our work is backed by data and built on proven game theory principles. Because sales emails can't be successful without working sales processes and strong email deliverability, we also make sure our clients are covered in these areas in order to have the best results possible.

How We Work For You

When you work with SalesFolk, you're getting a team of seasoned experts. Every engagement comes with a dedicated client manager that will help keep your project on track, from the time a proposal is signed to analyzing your final results. They'll be there to answer any questions you might have about email deliverability or sales best practices, and will share plenty of proprietary tips to ensure you have the most successful engagement possible. Additionally, each campaign that you do with us gets assigned a Senior copyeditor and a persuasive copywriter that we've personally trained and vetted.

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About Our Writers

Not all writers are the same. Every writer that works with SalesFolk is a trained copywriter with years of persuasive writing experience.

Why does this matter? While some agencies and outsourced lead generation firms might leave your emails to be written by a non-native English speaker or college freshman, we only work with the best of the best copywriters.

Lots of writers apply to work with us, but we only accept less than 3% of applicants to enter the SalesFolk Cold Email Copywriting Certification Program. Once candidates are accepted, they receive months of hands-on experience and training from our most experienced editors. Only about one third of applicants accepted into this special program will graduate to become "Salesfolk Certified," and able to bid on our clients' email campaigns.

SalesFolk writers are far from the usual freelance writers. Ambitious and successful in their respective careers, these are highly educated individuals that also have decades of unique industry expertise behind their copywriting. On top of being professional writers, many of our writers also fall into one of the following categories:

Our Writers Are Domain Experts

  • Attorneys and corporate writers that enjoy dabbling in persuasive writing
  • Science and engineering PhDs that want to sharpen their business communication skills
  • Senior engineers that love the challenge of distilling complicated technical features into simple and compelling concepts that drive sales
  • Former and current sales and marketing leaders that are passionate about cold email
  • Top recruiters that want to sharpen their own email skills
  • Experienced business development professionals that ran partnerships for some of Silicon Valley's fastest growing startups
  • Top performers that got burnt out on the startup grind who've decided to become "digital nomads," and work remotely as a consultant
  • Seasoned journalists and freelance writers that need to make some extra money
  • Architects with crazy-good attention to detail
  • Consultants and coaches that own their own business

Here's what some of our writers have to say about working with us:

“Every modern salesperson should try to freelance for SalesFolk if they can. I love it because I throttle the workload to match my bandwidth, the team of goats is top notch, and every campaign I work on is more practice towards a skill that is vital to my day job and livelihood. Whether it’s a hobby, side hustle, or full-time bill paying gig, writing for SalesFolk is the best!”

— Eric

“SalesFolk has helped me expand my skills and expertise as a copywriter. The team is well organized and provides the resources, support, and feedback I need to ensure every client project is top quality. I also love the ongoing opportunities for professional development, which help me keep on top of the best practices for cold email copywriting. Working with SalesFolk has been a fabulous experience, and I can’t wait to continue to grow with them into the future!”

— Stephanie

“Working with the SalesFolk team has been the most supportive and positive working experiences I’ve ever had! Aside from providing me with awesome training and experience, I’ve been treated with nothing but respect and kindness. Everyone is ready to do some serious work while maintaining upbeat attitudes! That’s a rare combination.”

— Emily

“Working with SalesFolk is always entertaining. They are playful, energetic, liberated, animated and spirited. But that’s the side stuff. Every project is an adventure. And the SalesFolk goats are supportive, motivating you to be your best, professionally, while encouraging creative thoughts, daring you to think outside the box while maintaining a critical eye of the reason behind the project. Anyone who loves writing copy would love to work with them.”

— Dale

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