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Applications to the SalesFolk Cold Email Academy Are Now Open

SalesFolk is now accepting new fellowship applications from writers who want to become SalesFolk Certified Cold Email Copywriters until June 1st.

While we don't require that you have worked as a professional writer before, it's important that you have some kind of B2B writing experience, whether that's been in sales, marketing, recruiting, business development, or some other kind of corporate communications.

Our motto is "Don't be a sheep; be a goat." So we love working with people who are smart, resourceful, and have a passion for persuasive writing. Strong applicants will be able to demonstrate their critical thinking skills and ability to come up with creative and unique ideas.

What to Expect From the SalesFolk Cold Email Academy

If you are selected to join the Academy, you will:

  • Receive exclusive training and mentorship from the SalesFolk team that will help you become a better persuasive writer
  • Learn everything there is about writing irresistible sales emails from leading industry experts
  • Have free access to the Cold Email Mastery Course ($2400+ value) and other private training seminars
  • Get to research critical "buyer personas" and learn about what motivates buying decisions across dozens of different industries
  • Be paid to work on special projects with our clients and potentially be offered to create unforgettable content for SalesFolk marketing campaigns
  • Get to work with a bunch of really fun nerds who are also obsessed with persuasive writing that will value your creativity and skepticism

After successfully graduating from the Academy, you will:

  • Become a "SalesFolk Certified Copywriter," and be able to add that certification to your LinkedIn and resume
  • Be capable of writing highly effective sales email campaigns on your own
  • Receive opportunities to take on bigger responsibilities within SalesFolk, including full-time offers
  • Become a preferred SalesFolk partner, and receive special offers to work directly with our clients on sales, marketing, and customer success projects, which may lead to full-time job offers with them
  • Have the opportunity to mentor other SalesFolk writers and become a leader in our community

Here's what some of our fellows have to say about the SalesFolk Cold Email Academy:

"I began writing for Salesfolk a year and a half ago, after leaving a career in business development to start my own business. Initially, it was a way to make some freelance income on the side with my writing skills. Yet, I've gotten a lot more than just that...

SalesFolk has helped me learn many new persuasive writing strategies and formulas I can use to target any company (or any person) in order to start a business conversastion. Plus, I always get quick and consistent feedback from my editors on how to improve my writing, which has really helped me grow into a much more persuasive communicator.

Not only is Salesfolk a fun and challenging environment for people who want to write better, it's also the perfect place for someone who wants flexibility in a side hustle that pays well. In fact, when I was getting my own business up and running...this helped me pay the bills while enjoying the work I do.

I recommend Salesfolk so much that I even recruited a new writer on the team! Come for the cold emails...and stay for the community."

— Mimi

"Everyone who works at SalesFolk is friendly and cares about doing a great job. The editors have unquestionably made me a much better writer through their feedback and guidance, and I’ve even received bonuses for doing a brilliant job. All in all, I love writing for SalesFolk, and I hope I get do it for years to come."

— Matt

"Using the income I earned from working for Salesfolk, I was able to finish paying off my student loans.

The SalesFolk team are second-to-none when it comes to writing compelling, persuasive copy. Getting to learn from the best helped me improve my skills and feel more confident applying for marketing jobs that had previously seemed out of reach."

— Kathie

"As a scientist, I wrote a lot of academic papers in grad school, but they weren't exactly interesting or persuasive. SalesFolk not only taught me how to write more persuasive emails, but how to be a much more effective communicator overall. This is really giving me an edge in my field, as many of my peers lack the communication skills they need to excel in their career."

— Jay

Apply for a Cold Email Academy fellowship, and GET PAID to learn how to write irresistible sales emails