Get Paid to Make Cold Email Your Superpower Too

Join some cool nerds who are passionate about copywriting and goats

SalesFolk is a 100% bootstrapped and profitable company, and we're growing fast.

We’re shameless about our passion for cold email. We live to create compelling cold emails that get meetings with CEOs and decision makers, help close deals, and make other awesome shit happen. If you also love to send strangers cold emails and obsess over crafting the perfect message, you might be a great fit for our "goat family."

These are the positions we have available right now:

  • Contract Editor Become an expert at analyzing and perfecting cold emails, and learn how to produce full campaigns that convert
  • Technical Writer Distill complicated product features into simple and sexy sales pitches
  • Cold Email Copywriter Learn to start conversations with anyone through cold email, and get paid to do it
  • B2B Blogger Get paid to write interesting articles about sales and marketing best practices, while learning from industry experts.
  • Account Executive Gain deep knowledge about outbound sales and help us close more deals faster
  • Student Writer/Paid Copywriting Internship Learn how to become a persuasive copywriter and inside sales expert while you’re still in school

Want to get a fellowship to the Cold Email Academy and GET PAID to learn how to write irresistible sales emails?