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Join some cool nerds who are passionate about copywriting and goats

SalesFolk is a 100% bootstrapped and profitable company, and we're growing fast.

We’re shameless about our passion for cold email, and are obsessed with creating compelling messaging that people actually want to read and respond to.
Through our love for copywriting, data science and game theory, we've pioneered many of the best practices for B2B email. But we're never satisfied, and are always experimenting with new techniques and aiming to improve.
If you also love to send strangers cold emails and obsess over crafting the perfect message, you might be a great fit for our "goat family."

Here are some departments we're hiring in now:

Editorial Team

  • Remote Copy Editor - Sharpen your editing skills by apprenticing to learn the best practices for building highly effective email campaigns

Writing Teams

We have a sense of humor and like to laugh:

Some things people have to say about working with SalesFolk:

“Every modern salesperson should try to freelance for SalesFolk if they can. I love it because I throttle the workload to match my bandwidth, the team of goats is top notch, and every campaign I work on is more practice towards a skill that is vital to my day job and livelihood. Whether it’s a hobby, side hustle, or full-time bill paying gig, writing for SalesFolk is the best!”

— Eric

“SalesFolk has helped me expand my skills and expertise as a copywriter. The team is well organized and provides the resources, support, and feedback I need to ensure every client project is top quality. I also love the ongoing opportunities for professional development, which help me keep on top of the best practices for cold email copywriting. Working with SalesFolk has been a fabulous experience, and I can’t wait to continue to grow with them into the future!”

— Stephanie

“I've worked at SalesFolk full-time for a year now, and have never been happier with my career. Working in a TRUE remote environment is not for anyone and everyone, but I love it. (It's actually my preferred way to work, and it helps me be more productive.) Despite the distance, our team is actually very close. We work very hard together, despite the different time zones. I'm constantly growing and learning new things, as the email space is constantly changing and the CEO encourages everyone to keep learning, while leading by example.

I feel inspired whenever I work on projects with our CEO, as she is an incredibly gifted human being that I'm honored to work with. Likewise, she's the MOST reasonable person I literally have ever met, or know. That's a trait that's hard to find in people nowadays.

Can't wait to see where we are at in three to five years, Goats taking over!”

— Customer Success team

“Working with the SalesFolk team has been the most supportive and positive working experiences I’ve ever had! Aside from providing me with awesome training and experience, I’ve been treated with nothing but respect and kindness. Everyone is ready to do some serious work while maintaining upbeat attitudes! That’s a rare combination.”

— Emily

“Working with SalesFolk is always entertaining. They are playful, energetic, liberated, animated and spirited. But that’s the side stuff. Every project is an adventure. And the SalesFolk goats are supportive, motivating you to be your best, professionally, while encouraging creative thoughts, daring you to think outside the box while maintaining a critical eye of the reason behind the project. Anyone who loves writing copy would love to work with them.”

— Dale

“It's great being surrounded by a team of fun and interesting intellectuals. SalesFolk has that fun startup feel while still having a strong established brand that people recognize and respect within the Enterprise SaaS and sales community. I also love the flexibility of working remotely, while also being able to earn competitive pay from anywhere.”

— Sales team

“I love working with the Salesfolk team. The community is full of positive people who take their work seriously, but still enjoy goofing around with each other and cracking jokes. The fact that the work is completely remote is huge -- I can complete my projects wherever I please (today I'm working from my home office. Next week, I'll be working from France)!”

— Marketing team

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