One bad sales email can kill your chances with an entire account

Don’t risk it with stale, canned email templates or sloppy copy

Rescue My Sales Emails

If you're sending emails like these...

Hi there,

I'm looking for the person who manages sales at ACME. Are you responsible for sales at ACME, or can you introduce me to the person who is?


Me again, following up. Just wanted to make sure you got my last 6 emails. Are you OK?

Hi again,

Just following up to bubble this up to the top of your inbox. I believe you fall in our "sweet spot," and I'd love to tell you more about how our YC startup's AI works. Can you point me in the right direction?

You will probably get responses like these:

I'm the CEO. I'm f###ing responsible for everything, and your prospecting is very lazy. Unsubscribe. Move to junk.

All your emails are so obnoxious and not even targeted! Stop contacting me, and take me off your list!

F#@$ you and your YC company! Why should I care about your "super cool AI," and all your other boring features when you clearly don't care about me/my business, since you only talk about yourself this email?!

“Working with SalesFolk to support our email campaigns was one of the best investments we’ve made. We’ve been thrilled with the results.”

— Gerry Praysman, Director of Account Development at Brainshark

Instead, you should be seeing responses like these in your inbox:

Hey Mike-

I don't typically respond to these types of emails, but honestly your sales approach intrigued me. So much, in fact, that I'm copying the sales managers to see how you respond to my email.

Interesting email, John. I rarely reply to sales outreaches, but yours caught my attention.

Can you send me some additional information about [your Company]? I'd like to consider a further discussion.

Absolutely; we've been having this exact problem here, so your email came at the perfect time.

Can we talk tomorrow?

Why SalesFolk Emails Are Different

Leading cold email specialists

We are the first company to specialize in cold email copywriting, and have pioneered many of today’s popular outbound email best practices. Have you ever been told “you should send 8 emails in order to get a response?” That came from our research findings.

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"SalesFolk has a very specific system on how to improve open rates, response rates, and the the quality of leads. We’re seeing double digit percentage improvement on every stage of our sales funnel that we were never able to achieve before."

— Jessica Mah, CEO of inDinero

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Don't burn good lead lists on bad copy: Unclog your sales pipeline with 33% positive response rates

Our emails always beat the industry standard, and regularly see response rates of 21-38%. Not only do our clients set more appointments, we’re regularly told that our targeted messages help them start conversations with more highly qualified leads. This means they’re able to keep their pipelines full as they scale their sales efforts, and close these deals even faster.

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"SalesFolk has been influencing my emails ever since I got my first BDR job - now that I am running a team, I use her program and tips to teach my own team. SalesFolk would hate me if I didn't include numbers in this. We have a 70-80% open rate and a 40% reply rate. SalesFolk helps us make simple and effective emails - and thats what works best."

— London Nagai, Director of Sales at SquareFoot

Scale sales efforts without sacrificing quality

It takes less than 40 seconds for a bad cold email to permanently destroy a potential customer relationship. Sales tools can make your sales team more productive, but if you’re not sending the right message, you can look really stupid in front of a lot of people.

We love sales technology and automation, but outbound emails don’t work if they’re not targeted and relevant to your prospective customers. That’s why we always do extensive buyer persona research and optimization for every audience we write campaigns for.

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"Within the first 2 weeks of engaging with SalesFolk, we had closed a deal that made us ROI positive, so I'm definitely going back to them for more."

— Stephanie Guerro, VP of Sales at Verifi

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Take a shortcut: learn from 470+ successful outbound sales teams

Although writing great cold emails is our obsession, we realize that many great salespeople don’t always have the time or copywriting skills to become cold email experts. Because we’ve run successful outbound campaigns for over 470 companies across 26+ industries, your sales team gets a shortcut to an outbound strategy that’s proven to win.

In order to continue to have the best outbound emails, we’re always testing and iterating on our templates and tactics. So when you work with us, your salespeople learn the latest best practices before everyone else.

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Replace crummy canned templates with carefully crafted copy

If you’re sending canned email templates, you’ll never stand out in the inbox. Every campaign we craft is carefully researched and unique to our client’s business and audience. We also research your competition and stalk their emails to make sure your message always sounds different and better.

Learn why even the best email templates eventually all die

"I couldn't be a bigger fan of SalesFolk and their work. I partnered with SalesFolk when building out our outbound sales process from scratch and they were a huge asset, not only with incredible cold emails, but also helping me find the right tools and connecting me with like-minded sales leaders. Their advice was always extremely actionable, they always moved extremely quickly, and I could tell that they generally cared about our business and our success."

— Mike Hoffman, sales leader

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