When was the last time one of your sales emails got a response like this?

Do your prospects get excited when they see your cold emails?

You don’t like getting crappy cold emails, so why do you still send them?

Thoughtless and lazy cold emails go straight to the trash. They waste everyone's time and hurt your brand.

Salesfolk creates compelling cold emails that feel human and actually add value, which is why our copy gets 2-3x more qualified leads than regular emails.

See what our customers say about working with us:

Cold emails are an art & a science.

Every email we write is 100% unique and A/B tested.

We optimize all campaigns using game theory and data science to see which value propositions and messaging resonates best with each of your buyer personas.

Our data driven cold emails will generate more responses from qualified leads for you than you've ever seen.

Outbound email campaigns are our superpower.

We've written 10,000+ cold emails.

Everyone on the Salesfolk team lives and breathes cold email.

We shamelessly dogfood our own cold email strategy every day. That's gotten us free plane tickets, landed jobs, and won us thousands of meetings with the C-suite.

Our mission is to help salespeople send emails that their prospects actually want to receive.

We turn cold leads into warm conversations for

Aaron Ross, Bestselling Author of Predictable Revenue

“Heather has invaluable insights for B2B sales content, and was very easy to work with. She put in extra effort to ensure a quality job.”

Mike Hoffman, Head of Inside Sales @15Five

“Heather built our outbound sales process from scratch. Her cold emails are great, and she is very knowledgable about outbound sales. Her advice is always actionable and she is lightning fast.”

Gabe Marcus, Sales @ Kahuna

"Salesfolk was instrumental in helping me land a SDR position with Kahuna. During the application process, they gave me a "prospecting exercise." Part of the exercise included writing some cold-email drafts. The Fool-Proof-Guide to Cold Email was a godsend."

Learn the secret to writing magnetic emails that start genuine conversations.

Be a goat, not a sheep!

We always strive to create captivating copy that is unique, actionable and adds value to prospects’ lives.

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